Pediatric elbow, fractures, and chiropractic help

Posted in Pediatrics on Mar 7, 2023

As parents, seeing our little ones fall and hurt themselves can be heartbreaking. Unfortunately, this is a part of childhood as we take them out to parks, give them opportunities to play sports, or they stumble while they’re exploring the world around them. When it comes to arm injuries like elbow fractures – especially in young children – it’s important for us as parents not just to address the immediate pain management but also to make sure that our children heal correctly. Chiropractic care can provide support during recovery from an injury such as an elbow fracture and help ensure your child has optimal health moving forward! In this blog post, we will discuss pediatric elbow fractures in detail and look at the importance of chiropractic care in helping your child heal properly from these types of injuries.

Overview of Elbow Fractures in Children

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Elbow fractures in children are a common, yet often overlooked injury. While the arms and legs of children are resilient and can withstand regular bumps and bruises, elbow fractures are surprisingly common. An elbow fracture occurs when the force applied to the arm is too strong, resulting in a break to one or more bones in the elbow joint. As such, even seemingly minor falls from playground equipment or sports-related injuries can lead to an elbow fracture. To prevent further complications and aid in recovery, it is important for parents and caregivers to know the signs of an elbow fracture so prompt medical attention can be sought if needed.

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Causes and Symptoms

The most common cause of bumps and bruises on the arms and legs of children is falling or participating in sports that involve physical contact. Symptoms may vary, ranging from soreness and swelling at the impact site to extensive bruising that can last several days. However, if pain persists or is intense, a more severe injury may have occurred and it's important to seek medical advice. For minor bumps and bruises though, parents can comfort their child by using cold compresses and taking other steps to reduce swelling until healing naturally takes place.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

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Mild wounds and bumps sustained from the everyday play are usually easy to diagnose, but occasionally an injury may require greater attention. In the event of a severe-looking wound or fracture, diagnosis by an experienced medical professional can provide families with peace of mind, as well as early and appropriate treatment options. By recognizing and responding quickly to an injury, parents can play a major role in helping kids return to playing and feeling their best.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Elbow Fractures

Dallas Synergy Chiropractic is the place to turn for quality chiropractic care when dealing with elbow fractures. Whether it's from a playground fall or a sports-related injury, we offer personalized treatments tailored specifically to the patient’s needs. Through education and specialized care, we can assist a child suffering from elbow fractures on their path to recovery faster and more effectively than traditional methods alone. Dallas Synergy Chiropractic provides experienced professionals that specialize in creating treatment plans exclusive to each individual, strengthening the healing process of any and all bumps and bruises.

Clinical Experiences from Pediatric Patients

Pediatric chiropractic care is based on the belief that aligning a child's spine, nervous system, and vertebrae help reduce pain, inflammation, and other symptoms associated with pediatric health concerns. Clinical experiences show pediatric patients often experience a reduction in discomfort, improved mobility, and increased emotional well-being following gentle methods such as pediatric chiropractic adjustment. As pediatric patients feel better physically they experience a sense of joy in their lives which extends to families through happier interactions. Whether it's bumps and bruises from sporting injuries, aches, pains from growth spurts, or long-term pediatric health issues, pediatric chiropractic offers practical solutions with long-lasting benefits.

Tips for Preventing Injury and Falls in Kids

Falling is a natural part of growing up, but learning how to prevent it can save children from unnecessary injury. Start by teaching your kids good balance and coordination skills. Have them practice standing on one leg or walking a straight line. It's also important to make sure their play areas are free of clutter, and for older kids encourage safe behaviors like wearing helmets during sports activities. Lastly, having well-fitting protective gear can go a long way in keeping kids safe from serious falls or sports-related injuries. With these tips in mind, parents can take the small steps necessary to protect their children from the bumps and bruises that come with childhood.


Fractures to the elbow are of great concern and can be quite painful. Your best bet is to visit your pediatrician or a chiropractor right away when an injury occurs. A chiropractor can provide gentle manipulation and physical therapies in order to restore the range of motion while minimizing discomfort and decreasing recovery time. Clinical experience and evidence-based research have shown that chiropractic care is an effective treatment option for elbow fractures in children. Taking preventive measures such as encouraging physical activity within age-appropriate limits and creating a safe environment at home and outdoors will help avoid these types of injuries. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options further, reach out to Dallas Synergy Chiropractic as they specialize in treating kids and young athletes of all ages. By going through their multi-disciplined approach, not only will your child get adjusted but they can continuously track progress throughout the healing process until a full recovery is achieved!

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