Chiropractors Explain the Importance of Good Posture

Humans are the only being on this planet to stand erect and walk on two legs. This gives us an extra horizon of vision, as well as the ability to perform many complex physical tasks. However, the modern world requires us to perform more tasks with our minds, using computers, and less physical activities. This kind of lifestyle has a negative impact on our posture, with many negative consequences. So, in this article, our chiropractors will explain why good posture is important for your health. We will also explain to you how chiropractic can help you correct poor posture and regain your full health and well-being.

What Exactly Is Posture?

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Many of our patients are surprised when we tell them that they have poor posture and tell us: “but I don’t have a desk job”. They wrongly believe that correct posture is related only to how you are sitting at a desk and working on a computer.

In reality, posture is the way we carry our bodies at all times:

•    When we stand up and wait in a queue

•    When we walk or run

•    When we sit down at lunch, on a sofa, or at the desk

•    When we lie down in bed to sleep.

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The Importance of Good Posture

Now, why do chiropractors insist on correcting their patients’ posture? There is one simple answer: because this is how your body is supposed to be aligned in order to work properly. Poor posture means that you are putting excess pressure on a specific part of your body, instead of distributing it evenly across all joints, muscles, and ligaments. Over time, this can lead to:

•    joint misalignments

•    Bulging spine discs

•    Inflammatory conditions (such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis)

•    Tense muscles.

In turn, these problems caused by poor posture will lead to more health issues, from a stiff neck to chronic back pain and the sensation of numbness in hands and feet. If poor posture is not corrected over a long period of time, it can lead to serious health conditions, such as:

•    Poor sleep quality

•    Reduced range of movement

•    Weakened muscles

•    Digestive problems.

How Our Chiropractors Help You Regain Good Posture

After looking at the problem, let us detail the solution for correcting poor posture. Our chiropractors know that each patient is unique, thus, each chiropractic care plan is tailored to their specific needs.

However, these plans generally include the following therapies:

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1. Joint Adjustments

The first and foremost concern for any chiropractor is restoring the joints to their natural position. Poor posture can actually make your key joints become misaligned. Yes, your knees, hips, spine, and shoulders can be affected. Instead of moving smoothly, like a perfectly oiled mechanism, they will work at a reduced range, pinch nerves and generate inflammation in the muscles around them.

The firm and precise adjustments will solve this initial problem. Afterward, the chiropractor will focus on helping the patient regain and maintain a correct posture at all times.

2. Chiropractic Massages

Therapeutic massage is highly specialized. Each technique aims to solve specific problems, from deep tissue relaxation to improving blood flow in the area. Massage for posture correction aims to strengthen the muscles in the affected area and encourage them to regain their flexibility.

Weakened muscles are the result of favoring one side of the body over the other when performing repetitive physical activities, such as lifting weights. The chiropractor aims to solve this issue so that the patient will gain a correct posture and distribute their weight evenly to all joints.

3. Teaching the Patient How to Keep a Good Posture

Poor posture can become second nature to many patients. This is especially the case with poor posture while working at the desk or using a mobile phone. In our experience, it takes an effort of will to keep a good posture after years of using a non-ergonomic chair or bending over the phone screen.

However, with a little effort and determination, plus the chiropractor’s support, it is possible to regain a good posture.

Our chiropractors are ready to help you correct your posture and regain your full health and use of your body, so call us now to schedule an appointment!

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