Baby with Colic Helped with Chiropractic

Posted in Pediatrics on Dec 6, 2022

Colic Characteristics

Colic is a frustrating and sometimes distressing condition for babies, parents, and caregivers. It typically presents within the first few weeks of life, when an infant cries inconsolably for hours at a time, up to five times per week. Other than intense fussiness or crying spells, colic is known by its three defining characteristics:

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1) it begins around three weeks old and ends by the third month;

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2) crying lasts at least 3 hours a day on average

3) it occurs more frequently in the late afternoon and evening.

This can be emotionally draining for both parents and infants since caregivers are often unable to provide comfort when the baby's upset and focus their efforts on soothing their little one without any apparent reprieve. Fortunately, there are strategies parents can employ to help reduce discomfort associated with colic as well as tips for self-care so moms and dads don’t become overwhelmed by their baby’s persistent cries. With support from loved ones, parent education classes, pediatric advice from health professionals, as well as lifestyle modifications such as massage therapy or probiotics, families can be equipped with better tools to manage this tricky period in a baby’s life. Ultimately with patience and understanding, colic can help develop positive parenting experiences and strengthen the bond between child and caregiver. Accurately assessing your child's symptoms and providing them with appropriate care will go a long way in reducing the severity of these episodes during such an important stage of development.

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Tips for parents

If you’re a parent of an infant with colic, it can be a trying time for both you and your baby. It’s important to remember that colic is completely normal, with one in five babies experiencing it at some point in their first three months of life. Fortunately, there are steps that parents can take to reduce the effects. Firstly, make sure your baby is getting the right amount of nutrition – eating too much or too little can aggravate colic-related issues. Secondly, ensure that your baby’s environment is as calm as possible. As much as possible, limit stimulation and try to create a gentle atmosphere with minimal noise or distractions. Further, if your baby needs to cry, provide them with a quiet place away from other family members where they won’t be disturbed. Finally, pay attention to how your own emotions may affect your baby; if you’re feeling stressed out or anxious try engaging in calming activities such as controlled breathing or listening to soothing music that may help reduce any stress-related symptoms your baby may experience. Taking these steps will help to create an environment conducive to both your and your baby's well-being and alleviate many colic-related issues.

One of our patients story

When our baby was born, we expected the usual sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and of course all sorts of surprises. However, what we hadn't anticipated was the amount of crying that came with colic. For hours on end, our poor little one would cry until he exhausted himself. Nothing seemed to be able to console him - not even his favorite blanket or toy - and it was taking a toll on all of us. After trying several things with no success, we finally decided to seek out chiropractic care for our son. We worried that this might be too much for such a little body; however, it turned out to be an incredibly positive experience in more ways than one. With gentle manipulations specifically tailored to our son's needs and age-appropriate adjustments delivered slowly over a period of time, slowly but surely his colic disappeared and he began to sleep better - as did we! Nowadays, there's no sign that those difficult days ever happened - thanks in part to chiropractic care. It has truly been a blessing for us all.

How chiropractic care can help to ease the symptoms of colic

Chiropractic care is an evidence-based form of healthcare that may help to ease the symptoms of colic. Colic is a condition characterized by prolonged periods of inconsolable crying or fussing in infants, which can be distressing for parents and caregivers alike. While the root cause of colic remains unknown, it is believed that the physical changes of childbirth and a baby’s digestive system development can be factors. Chiropractors can utilize spinal manipulation to improve nerve function, reduce inflammation, and alleviate stress on delicate areas within the spine. This helps to bring relief from common signs of colic such as abdominal pain and bloating, as well as improve overall comfort levels. Additionally, chiropractic care can address any postural issues caused by feeding or carrying that may be contributing to too much discomfort in babies suffering from colic. In short, chiropractic care has been shown to lower stress levels in infants while potentially providing relief from the various symptoms associated with colic. It is important to consult with a qualified practitioner before beginning any treatment plan for your child. ​​​​​​​

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